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Sheep Shearing

What You Need to Know

Nerdy Sheep Fiber Works is ASI Certified to shear sheep. This means we are trained in safe, humane handling of the sheep we shear. Your sheep's happiness is as important to us as clearing that wool for a summer breeze.

Do you shear larger flocks/herds?

Our shearing is specific to serving small farms and personal sheep. We do know more shearers in the industry, and can connect you, if your herd is too big for us.

What are the payment options?

We accept multiple forms of payment, including cash, check and venmo. If you are concerned about a specific form of payment, let us know ahead of time. We can work with you.

Sheep Shearing


$65 Flat Fee

Setup Fee

$65/hour driving over the first hour 

$50 Rescheduling fee

Rain and weather delays will not include a rescheduling fee. Please note, we do not shear wet sheep.

$100 Flat Fee

Shearing Prices

$100 includes first 10 sheep

$8/head 11 to 20 sheep

$60/llama (large animal)


Extra Years Wool Growth, Babydoll Sheep are usually charged double. Rams are charged triple.

Negotiated Fee

Special Services

Special needs shearing charged on a per case basis. This includes emergency situations that need immediate attention such as a ewe whose lamb cannot find the teats or bad cases of fly strike. Crutching averages $5/ewe.

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