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Wool Dryer Balls

Wool Dryer Balls

Permanently replace your fabric softener with these handmade natural wool dryer balls! They will reduce wrinkles and static.Scent free, hypoallergenic and chemical free. Great for little ones and senstive skin!


This is a handmade product - size, shape, color varies. Sold in sets of 3-4 depending on size.


Using wool dryer balls can reduce your drying time, and save energy. You can add your scent and continually recharge the dyer balls at home when needed.

  • Dryer Ball Care

    • Add your scent with a few drops of essential oil.
    • Use at least 3 at a time.
    • Reusable for 100s of washes.
    • Recharge and restore with a hot, gental cycle.
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