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Nerdy Sudz - Felted Soap

Nerdy Sudz - Felted Soap

Extend the life of your soap. Replace your loofah or washcloth with this felted bar of soap. Each bar is wrapped in 100% wool. This zero-waste product is produced wholely by woman owned, Colorado based companies.


Gentle Aloe:

This soap is the perfect shower treat for anyone senstive to smells and scents in products. The natural ingredients keep this felted soap as scent free as it comes. 


Lavendar Citrus: 

 Whether you need early morning energy or evening zen, this soap will rate 10 out of 10.


Walk in the Woods: 

This soap is great for our outdoorsy folx. We recommend it to all our Bill Bryson readers. 


NEW!! We Now have a Variety Pack, one of each scent!


This soap is produced by St. Vrain Soap Company, and hand felted by Nerdy Sheep Fiber Works.



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