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From Hobby to LLC

Updated: May 17, 2022

Nerdy Sheep Fiber Works road trip stop in Kansas. #coonskin #cornfield


A little about Erin

Erin grew up in Massachusetts reading books by horseback. It is probably no surprise she became a librarian. Erin is no stranger to the farm lifestyle. Her parents still run Thompson Berry Farm, and happily send along fresh jams and preserves to Colorado each year. When Erin moved to Colorado, she brought along her love for knitting and fiber work. Over the years, Erin has refined her art of handmade, slow living products. She added more fiber production from raw to skeins, and weaving into her portfolio.

Rarely were there years that Erin was without a dog by her side. She often speaks about Buck and Sappho as if they were here just yesterday. Now, Bowie keeps her company in the studio. He also keeps her on her toes when the chickens are out to play. Erin might not have a rural address, but she handles her Westminster home as much like a farm as city zoning will allow. Erin and her husband, Greg, also support local farms through CSAs and meat/poultry supplies. One of their favorites is the Big Ash Farm.

Favorite book to read (and read): Desert Solitaire, Edward Abbey

Favorite color: Green. All things green.

A little about Schaetzie

Schaetzie, pronounced shet-see, was born with the given name, Sarah. She has been going by Schaetzie since college after a roommate struggled communicating with two different Sarah's under one roof. Schaetzie grew up in Texas with her feet almost always bare. She has been coming to Colorado since infancy, but only moved there permanently as an adult. Schaetzie brings her work in Entrepreneurship and Innovation to the table for regular Tuesday meetings and Saturday work days for Nerdy Sheep Fiber Works.

Schaetzie is easily convinced to try new things, which winds up taking her on unexpected adventures - like starting a business in the fiber industry with a climbing partner. You rarely find her out and about without her pup, Maggie. Mostly, because Maggie is a puppy and cannot be trusted alone. Growing up in a small town left Schaetzie with a respect for shopping family owned and small. She is particularly drawn to discovering hidden gems in small towns. Ask her about Lake City, Colorado sometime.

Favorite book to read (and read): The Hound of the Baskervilles, Sir Arthur Conan Doyl

Favorite color: Blue, but everyone thinks it's green.

How they met

Erin and Schaetzie were introduced through a mutual friend in the outdoor community. They were mostly friends in passing, until that mutual friend, Jeff, volunteered them both to work a booth at the Ouray Ice Festival. A few weeks later, Erin convinced Schaetzie to not only go to the Lake City Ice Festival, but compete in the ice climbing contest too. They went on a few hikes together, but it was a wild Utah adventure that really sealed the deal for the friendship. This wild trip took the bumper off Erin’s impreza - it’s ok, it snapped back on after the fact - tested both their patients with traipsing through tumbleweeds, solidified their mutual love of burritos on the road, and added a considerable amount of trust in each other. Their friend Laura, was the third gal on the trip, and it was one for the memory books. After the trip, Schaetzie invited Erin to travel through the Southwestern US on a road trip. In this trip they hit many state high points before circling back to Denver. Erin and Schaetzie are no strangers to the roads, and it does not take much to convince them to hit the road for an adventure. They once ended up in Minnesota during a “short” weekend road trip, but that is a story of another day. Schaetzie and Erin stayed close friends over the past seven years. As Erin began to realize her hobby of knitting and weaving could be a business, Schaetzie felt a spark of interest she had not experienced in a long time. Coming together to take Nerdy Sheep Fiber Works, LLC to the next level as a team made as much sense as packing burrito ingredients for a road trip. Both bring a very different skill and personality to this company, but their vision and values remain the same. Nerdy Sheep Fibers Works is not just about providing beautiful, quality handmade products to customers. It is about providing products made from natural fibers, without added chemicals or unfriendly practices in processing. Erin and Schaetzie work with only American made suppliers, and partner with Colorado based makers whenever they can. Being this intentional may take a little extra time, but Erin and Schaetzie have a company ground rule that guarantees they will have fun doing it. Their favorite drink: Good coffee (It’s even in their company ground rules) Weirdest campfire activity: Watching a circus peanut in the fire…not burn (They will never eat them again) Their favorite road trip picture: In the Corn (pictured above)

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